home is where the cinna-bundt is

hi friends!

This weekend I went home to Villanova to do absolutely nothing besides relax. The weekend included a three-hour nap on my back porch, lots of my mom’s cooking and more reading than I’ve done in the last year. It was perfect, and went a little something like this….

I might have picked off all of the raisins (because I am a child), but my mom seriously makes the most ridiculous cinna-bundt I’ve ever had. I also love all bundt-shaped baked goods, so maybe this is partial of me. I’m either going to have to hack into her recipe book or come up with my own version. I think I’m leaning towards the latter. No offense, mom- you know how I feel about raisins.

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One Response to home is where the cinna-bundt is

  1. joni says:

    Great photos and I am glad you had a relaxing weekend……with sweets like that I would be tempted to come home more often. Moms know best —stick with her recipe — you can eat around those raisins!

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